Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

I reposted from Teddy's Law Facebook page. Another issue brought to my attention is human trafficking. We live in an area ideal for this, living on a state line and we have Interstates 80 and 76. Youngstown has a bus station and train station. Keep your eyes open. I will research this more for future posts, but as with any child abuse, if something doesn't look or feel right, report it. 
March 27
Since December I feel like I failed Teddy. I was trying to do something positive in his name. The media has blown things out of water. Mostly our local media. Me, my family, and Teddy's mother's family granted many of interviews to them. At times, hard. We are grieving. And yet our media has forgotten the real issue. Child abuse exist! All we want to do is make a difference for Teddy. By doing this we protect thousands of kids from the same torture he went through. Vindicator actually gave Teddy's mother a front page article of her excuses. But never put on the front page of what we are trying to do to protect other children. If you go look up Shain's prison picture she is smiling. Hmmm I guess we cater more to criminals now. One thing I know the fight has just begun and we won't stop until Teddy's Law is passed. If you want to look the picture up on corrections website in Ohio her name is spelled Shain Widdershaim. They must have made a typo.

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Teddy's Law Will continue to keep focus on abused children & the different types of abuse. Fighting an up hill battle to help abused children is worth the climb. When tempted to give up is when you keep on going & increase the pace. Victory can be closer than you realize but you will never reach your goal if you quit. Goals demand a lot of reaching out! A mission is a journey of purpose - sounds like what Shawn & his supporters are doing! Ask God to lead you, He's good at it! 

I want to share with you an update I received regarding Teddy's Law. We are going through a research period. At this point we are working on getting access to CSB computer system to schools and law enforcement so they are in the loop. So they know if there is an open case. This could have saved Teddy. There's more work ahead. But this is a start. I would like to thank Capri Cafaro for her hard work through all of this. Without her we would be stuck a square one.

God Bless

Shawn Tedesco and Team Teddy.
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