Monday, April 7, 2014


Yesterday, I couldn't take one more moment at the computer screen in the morning. I felt nauseous, my eyes rolled. The pain in my back took over. So, I didn't write, but laid back down until I had to go to work.
My youngest daughter today woke me with her little girl voice, "Are you going to the doctor's with me?"
I had no idea what she was talking about. I guess a month ago, an appointment made at her initial visit to check on blood work and such done in that month. She thought I had an appointment, too, that we were doctor appointment buddies. She asked me to go with her.
I sit with her in the waiting room. Finally, she is called, but doesn't want me in the exam room. And why did I have to get up and rush? Because my little girl wanted me for a while. Is that what Moms do?
I got off my schedule for writing and my morning routine. I had no inspiration for the blog today or yesterday. My discipline is to write. I have been looking at schedules for some writer's workshops at conferences. I cry a little, wondering if I can go to any this year. I keep writing. And Born to Run album songs play through my head, as I think more and more of writing Iggy.
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