Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday- a day late

Having internet problems this morning before I went to work, so posting this late. From Teddy's Law Facebook page:

I was just sitting here thinking today of Teddy. It keeps running through my head of the pure hell he endured. Some days are better than others. I sit and wish that I could trade places with him. I also think of how his mother failed to protect him and basically got out of 15 more years. It makes me angry that she tried to cover for her boyfriend instead of standing up to that monster. I never have claimed to be a perfect parent but one thing I know is that I would die for my children. Teddy deserved better. He deserved the world. He should not have had to be the adult that he was at 14. He put himself before his siblings. He should have been able to be a kid. This is why Teddy's law started. I made a promise to Teddy when he passed away that we would fight in his name for stronger abuse laws and a stronger child protective services. When will the failures stop?When will the state protect our children from monsters? This is why we will continue our fight. Teddy's death will not be in vain. Thank you so far for the support you have given us.
God Bless
Team Teddy
 No parent is perfect, kids don't come with an instruction manual when born. Knowing the kind of person you are, there is no doubt you would have pulled Teddy out of that environment. Teddy did not deserve the treatment he received, his mother & Zaryl are the guilty ones. We can't fix what we don't know about but through Teddy's Law we can save other abused kids. (MVD)

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