Monday, April 21, 2014

A Real Hiatus

I am making a decision to not post often in my blog. I'm kind of tired, out of fresh ideas for this medium. I need to focus on my novel writing. I desire to get them written. I found I'm using too much time for blogging.
I never really wanted to look at numbers. Yet, I still peek and use them as a gauge. They have truly plummeted, which makes me wonder if posting is worth my time. I think if I have something that needs to be posted, I will feel it and the message of that post will encourage the one who needs to read it that day.
I still will post on updates and reminders about Teddy's Law on Tuesdays and I enjoy the Wordless Wednesdays. I enjoy writing, but I need to write my stories. I find I need to devote more time to that.
I will notify by Facebook and Twitter when I post. I may only take a brief break, or I may take a long one. When I'm awoken with a post idea, I will follow through. I found myself at a standstill. Maybe I need to live again and not worry about platform, social media and getting something "out there."
I will keep you informed about the publishing process for Main Street, (getting close). And I will work on more novels to follow. As I get into a summer rhythm, I hope to increase the writing again.
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