Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

     I think about this face often. I never met Teddy, but this picture, this face burrows into my soul. Whatever I can do to save one more child from any kind of abuse, but especially the turmoil this kind boy succumbed, I want to do it.
My tool now is writing. I'm saddened that not many read my blog, not for my popularity, but to remind about the Teddy's of the world. But the Teddy's Law Facebook page is up to three thousand followers. And I must not despise small beginnings for my voice.
Country will address child abuse. It has been going on forever. As long as there are helpless little ones and bullies, there has been abuse. Rescue who, where, when you can. Call Abuse awareness, child protection, and keep calling if results are not evident.  And as always, keep praying.
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