Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Follow Up on Mr. Boo(For Diane)

Since I can't do the copy and paste images very well, this is a two parter. I saw the ad for this coupon in Sunday's paper for "Snot you average wipe!" I thought, it is Mr. Boo's baby brother or him as a child. He is called Boogie Buddy. I wonder what my mother would have thought about that.
My husband abhors booger humor. I couldn't even show him, as I know his reaction of disdain.
I do wish this product of the saline wipes had been around when my children were young. The "Save the Sleeve" campaign is clever inspired by mothers. I'm thinking for myself, I wouldn't mind using these wipes.
I am impressed. Children are fascinated with the products of their bodies. The nose, though, is often irritated or itchy with hard and dry boogers. Many times as children are in front of a group of adults, do those fingers go picking for gold, as the saying goes. Parents cringe. Yet, we have all seen our children do it at one time or another. If this product saves a little bit of that embarrassment, I think it is well worth the investment.
As I mentioned, some adults could probably use this product as well. In junior high, there was a certain teacher we nicknamed "Pick and Flick." Hurry up and duck, incoming.
I would not have been afraid of Mr. Boo, if Boogie Buddy had been around in 1964.
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