Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Celebration

Six hundred posts on my blog. I have done this for over two years. I truly enjoy what I do. I wonder how to celebrate as I look at the cat watching the heavy wet snow falling on the all ready thick white covering.
I chuckle at the jokes wanting to do harm to a little rodent in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. As Pastor Ken stated yesterday, humans make up this story, then get mad when the little guy lies to us. We live in a northern climate and it has done this for years. At least, we're not flooding like a hundred years ago as I read in the Sharon Herald and Youngstown Vindicator. Those dams were not built for our recreation, although that is a wonderful benefit, too. and
So, we wait for Easter with snow that would be welcomed in December. I'm so glad though we have no flooding, no blizzard, like in 1993 or negative twenty two degrees weather like that year and six years ago in April. I do wish people would be grateful or move!
Psalm 106 today reminds me not to grumble in my tent. I started to truly live that as my New Year's resolution. Every morning, I write for my To-do list: Praise God! Don't Worry! See Beyond! I have noticed my depression lifting. I have clearer thinking and wonder why I couldn't do simple things before. It is like getting over the stomach flu. For a day, one may not want to eat too much, but soon, the old habits return of enjoying food and not worrying about how this will sit on one's stomach. Depression comes to that point, we hope, where new habits bring joy to life again. Don't go back to worrying, grumbling and hopelessness. Celebrate, even a snowy start to spring.

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