Monday, February 21, 2011

Setting up a blog

I did it!  I'm starting a blog with my niece, Lori's and my daughter, Katie's help!  A fun way to get together this afternoon.  They helped me set it up while we talked about girl stuff.  We decided on the name together.  "Musings" was wandering around in my brain, so we all thought Miss Mollie's Musings was perfect name for a writer's blog.  I do muse a lot, too.
Sometimes, I amuse myself.  I hope to interest the reader with my postings.  I also want the discipline to write.   I have been pursuing  my dream to be a published writer for about 2 years, now, in earnest.  I started writing and illustrating stories in 3rd grade- the first one cleverly entitled "3 Dogs for Mollie"  Guess what I wanted for my birthday?  I finished a story last May.  I entered a contest for the Youngstown Vindicator this month.  Didn't win or place, but I had fun and I still think of Dave and Kelly.
I love words which is why it takes me so long to read a book.  I read each word and pay attention to the sentence.  But I'm also afraid as I have been out of school so long, I forget the grammar rules.  As I am a registered nurse for 32 years, if you count being a nurse's aid and nursing school, my writing suffered as charting must be concise and done in a hurry! Supervisors don't like overtime for flowery reports.  Yet, as we went to lap tops, with keyboard charting, my typing improved to the point where it is now hard to write long hand.  It is what I do every day. Writing on the computer helped with the spelling and grammar.
I enjoy telling stories, but writing is more difficult.  I want the stories of my ancestors to live on for my kids. The triumph of the human spirit with God's direction fascinates and inspires me.
I'm not sure which direction this blog will take me.  Life is a journey with joy in that journey.  I pray each day that I may have strength for the day and joy in the journey.  I hope you will join me in the journey of a middle age woman finding her dream.
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