Saturday, February 26, 2011


What motivates me to write?  I've heard for most writers it is ego, and that is true to some extent.
Prayer is the first thing I do before writing.  I want to please God, and honor Him.  I know He brings ideas and research together.  Anything goes better with prayer.
The movie Julie and Julia pushed me to keep writing.  Watching Julie learn to not only cook a new recipe from Julia Child every day, but to write a blog about the experience put some steam in my engine to continue writing my story.  I was at a low when we saw the movie.
I tend to write what the weather or season is also.  The Labor Day picnic scene was written in early Sept.  As I thought of the woman living over the livery stable in the early part of their marriage, I was privileged to see a new born donkey and I was drawn to write about a new born colt. It was so exciting to have my fiction and life blend together.
An area in northern Trumbull Co., OH is so flat, so wide, so open, that I feel my imagination soaring as I fly over that road.  I think of ideas, people, actions when I'm driving.  My patients have many stories of which I use bits.  19 years of home health have given me much soil.
I write because I enjoy telling stories.  I hope others will enjoy my writing.  Motivated by expressing my self!
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