Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

National Novel Writing Month is over. I have settled more in my new job. And I hear more and more stories about child abuse. All break my heart, but as I retold Teddy's story over the holiday to a niece-in-law and other family members, this one chokes my voice. Teddy's story forces me to write about this. The smiling face that refused to tell on his accusers.
I heard another story this morning of another girl who won't reveal more than a punch in her stomach from her step-father, yet his texts appear inappropriate. She won't return to her home, living between her father and grandmother. She is bold enough to remove herself from a situation, but he has no punishment.
Children want to protect the adults. Children tend to look at the best in an adult in their lives. Children also are scared and don't want to tell. Many reasons that abusers get away with their behavior.
Today, I again ask that we pray for children's boldness in speaking up as they are abused. I pray they find the right adult to confide in, teachers, a neighbor, a friend's parent. As cases are reported, I ask that the child protection agency staff have eyes to see, ears to hear, and senses alert to observe what isn't obvious. With their loads lightened, ability with time, they will delve into cases.
And as always, I pray we all remain alert to what doesn't just seem right. And that we are not afraid to speak up. Abuse prevention remains a passion to me and I urge all to look out for our children.
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