Thursday, December 3, 2015

Peace in Chaos

I saw the feed on AOL before I turned my computer off at work. As I flipped through the radio channels and settled on the one with best reception through the city of New Castle, I half took it in. And I fought the thought, another shooting, how much can a heart break?
Traffic, a little heavy for this small city, kept me from waiting to turn left for the interstate. I continued on State Route 18 through the city, past the hospital I went to nursing school, glancing up at my old dorm room and Sandy had her tree up at the house I boarded my second year. I wanted to see the snowflakes lights hanging I heard one of my co-workers talk about that morning, so I didn't turn at the light to get me to the interstate. In Neshanock Township, I decided quickly to rush the yellow light, instead of waiting to turn left. I thought, twilight, I will enjoy the Christmas lights through rural western Pennsylvania.
The pastoral scenes, the Amish boy jaunting to his mail box, and the sheep in another Amish front yard conflicted with the news on the radio. A local reporter, where the shootings occurred, interviewed a father of a woman in the building. Her last tweet, "Pray for us." Oh, how the powers that be want prayer out of public forum, yet when a tragedy occurs, we want prayer. But I felt disconnect gazing at the peaceful countryside on my ride while listening to a father almost in tears.
I felt, maybe because of memories of an old familiar road or hearing that father, I want to see my dad. It seemed natural, I'm alone, I could stop there for dinner. His quiet ways in bad news comfort. He never showed worry, although I knew events affected him. We would be silent together. A meal set peacefully on the table.
Even as I approached West Middlesex, I thought of my dad's comforting way. I turned right at the light as I often do to drive past the house and down Haywood. The house is still for sale and it is dark. I wonder what happened to this widow or is she only working and not home, yet. I look at my friends' houses, now, occupied by others, too. I don't feel sad. I am grateful for what I had in a time where we walked the streets in peace.
My heavenly Father, also, invites me in quiet to His presence in the midst of the turmoil of this world. Like my dad, He sets a table for me. He gives me peace before my enemies, the ones who want to kill, steal and destroy the peace I have with Him. The word picture of this year, "Rest," comes to my mind. I lean into Jesus.
He sets a table before me, offering me rest. My picture for 2015.

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