Friday, December 25, 2015

Dawns Christmas

 Dawns Christmas
    Mollie Lyon

I'm not having a Martha Christmas time.
But I'm not much of a Mary either.
I'm reminded on a Sunday
God with us, me.
It came upon a Midnight Clear-
the angels I need to hear
In the dark, the plains, the sadness of the earth,
I hear the angels sing.
I'm coming back to the heart of Christmas
I'm sorry for the thing we've made of it.
It's all about You, Jesus.
I feel stripped of all the trappings, the fussing,
the gatherings, the family,
Gone to heaven or far away.
It's down to Jesus.

Dawns Christmas Morn
A Savior is born.
A relief, a breath.
It's done.
Put that pesky John 7:7 away.
A Baby is born today.
The world loves the Babe.
John 7:7 come another day.
Today is peace.
Today is still.
Today the Savior lives in a manger.
                                                                where He  poses no danger.

Tomorrow the trees go down.
Tomorrow we go back to the world
But today, today, we worship
the Lord
The Savior in the manger
Brings peace for a day and
poses no danger.

 New Living Translation
The world can't hate you, but it does hate me because I accuse it of doing evil.

December 25, 2015

At the Christmas Eve service I attended last night at Hickory United Methodist Church in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, I heard a sermon "The Danger of the Manger."  The message by Pastor Dave Evans centered around this poem I wrote two years ago. Belief only in the Babe and not His purpose in coming to this world will not save us. We must remember the reason the Babe that is the King came.
 This year, I name it Hope Christmas. I read the posts of friends fighting through hard times and their words were the angels on the dark plains of life. Jesus lives more in my life each year. I went through a Great Sadness, a name I steal from The Shack, for a period of time. But Hope lives and Jesus is the reason for this Hope. I praise my God for loving me enough to die as a Man to cleanse me of my sins.
I pray for my friends, readers and passers-by, a Hope filled Christmas. Jesus came not because God's Hand was forced in a world full of Chaos, but because He is on the throne forever. Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world. He is the only King who became a baby. His purpose always on His mind as He walked this earth. My heart is filled with the wonder of His love. May you accept it and be filled, too. And for those who have loved ones in a far country, who seemed to have walked from their faith, remember our Good Shepherd will not let one be snatched from Him. Jesus loves them more than we can. His love is stronger than a mother's. This is the Hope of Christmas. God always had the plan, outside of time.
                                                                       Merry Christmas
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