Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lives Slip Silently By

Another resident passed away this week. She had so many similarities to my mother, being in one class ahead of her at Sharon. She was one, hard to talk to. Bitterness overcame her and finding or giving peace elusive. She fought her aids and often wailed, "I'm going to die here." I only wish now, I had known what was in the obituary, as another life slips silently by:

Lives Slip Silently By
Mollie Lyon

 Lives slip silently by.
Who knows what's
Behind that hollow eye,
In dark recesses
Lie past successes.
Gray heads bent
Troubles for a time lent.
We can't see them now
Under that vacant brow.
A sketchy obituary
Read in the paper
Tells some of the story,
But then it's late to know.
We can't reach in.
Sometimes we can't begin.
No one around to start the story
And we find out too late
The story trapped
Behind a precious one's fate.

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