Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

  Speak words of life into every situation...Remind others to do so, as well. When you are out, shopping, eating at restaurants, at school or church presentations, be bold and speak an encouraging word, even if the adults belittling the child are annoyed with you. Do it anyways. We must be aware and help where we can.
Later today after I first posted, I went to our prayer meeting. Three requests for families that are using verbal abuse toward children, young and grown formed a topic that I felt today is always on God's heart. "Suffer the little children unto Me," Jesus said. Call it what you want, I am always amazed when a cause pops up all over the place.
Be careful little tongue what you say. Speak life.

Photo: Watch your words because your words have power. You have the choice today to bless somebody or curse somebody, and the Bible says choose life. Hear all of these Points of Power here... http://buff.ly/1gwuktp
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