Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Foot in Front of the Other with Joy

Last Free Exit stumbles around the plot and people show up, like in life, I suppose. I seem to be taking so much time getting into the story; at over eighty three thousand words, I'm still writing. Doubt hung around the doorstep. Frustration at my physical and time limitations caused me to grumble. Oh, if I had more time. Make time I screamed at myself. I need to do chores. I need to run errands. I need to market Summer Triangle and Main Street. No, Mollie, you need to write. Well, I wrote for the blog.
I kept pretty steady with LFE, but still felt it should have been done long before this. I had a wonderful feeling of the super moon summer. I have ideas from vivid dreams. I'd get hung up over minor details, because I want it to sound real.
Then I struggled with "Are there any Christian kids, any more?" I want to show their fight with living a life for Jesus. With the new work environment for me, is this my battle, lately, too. I'm not in the isolation I created years ago as I spent most of my work time in a car with great teaching or Christian music. My world changed, too.
I'm still writing. I plow ahead and try not to worry. I'm reading Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin and the other night, a chapter on Bruce's creative struggle with an album shone through my fog. Bruce Springsteen always wrote the words and music. He didn't have that fall back plan as a teenager, that I did in nursing
. In other words, he does this full time, and always did. He has that luxury of time, I crave.
One album, Human Touch, required "the yearslong pitched battle." And another album on its heels took a month to complete. Bruce explains it this way, "All that work on Human Touch was me trying to get to the place where I could make Lucky Town in three weeks."
Bingo! the creative process. I can see the next novel getting done quickly- the three weeks left of NaNoWriMo, maybe? Main Street and Summer Triangle, clearly had a story from start to finish. LFE is a feel, my return to wandering I felt as a new high school graduate. I had to explore a lot of feelings in the year since I commenced LFE. And I do have a plot, but like life, it is murky.
The next novel, Outside of Time, is like Summer Triangle. I pretty much know the road map for this one. I'm not using the GPS, like for LFE. By the way, at times, the GPS stuttered in directions. I'm sure recalculations await in the journey.
I'm encouraged because the journey continues. I sojourn in the writing process. My bags packed for help along the way. I dare not say I'm near any destination, but I put one foot in front of the other with joy.

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