Saturday, June 4, 2011

Washington, D.C.

We actually did Washington, D.C. twice on that trip to Perris Island. The first part of the trip was in sunshine and cherry blossoms, boat trips and seafood restaurants. The seafood restaurant had a green plastic mermaid on the glass that I absolutely adored. Doors were opened for me literally and figuratively as we were in the South in 1970.
One of the odd things about this trip is just my mother and I went up the Washington Monument. Heights petrified my mother, most times she sat out the upward excursions by herself while Dad and I climbed them, l

ike the Statute of Liberty in 90 degree weather the summer before. I'm not sure why the change. It was an elevator, instead of the 900 or so steps to the top, but just Mom and I viewed the scenery from the small windows at the top.
We rode a middle size boat to Mt. Vernon on a perfect spring day. I loved the water. Dad wanted a picture of me in front of a carriage, but I didn't want to go past the velvet rope. I still went and then laughed with the guard, who I believed could not scold such a cute little blond girl. It starts early, folks.
The motel room was on the 12th floor with a view of the city. Truly awesome for all of us. I believe it was the Holiday Inn, was there any other place to stay back then?
On the trip back to PA, we had more rainy days. Our second time in the capital city was wet. We met with the Congressman then. Dad again joked about my mother's photographer lack of ability by saying the Congressman cut him out of the picture. "So like a politician"
I remember learning so much on this trip. Travel is a great way to learn. Reading goes hand in hand with it. My dad drove all over looking for a statue of Sequoia because I had read about it in maybe The Weekly Reader. He would do that when we asked. Later I'll tell you about Mary Todd Lincoln's home when we were in Lexington, KY.
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