Thursday, June 2, 2011

At Peace

The cooler weather with clear skies, end to end sunshine, has made the animals crazy. I wish I could just call off and spend the day with them. The Siamese and taupe cat raced around earlier while the mutt slept. Now the beagle mix is looking for trouble. He is restless, observing me as he grabs yet another object to destroy!
And as I grab that away from him, he comes over and pushes my hand to pet him or pushes his behind at me to scratch it.
The late spring mornings are so peaceful, except for this restlessness inside- both the house and me. I know when I get in that car this morning, I'll see a road and want to explore it. That happened to me last week, I wanted to go west and just drive all day. My dad had that as well, which is why we traveled so much. I'm glad though that the restlessness was only for driving.
Dad provided a stable home. We felt safe there and at peace. He made repairs as needed. He kept a beautiful, maintained yard. I loved our yard so much that I really felt heaven must be like it on a late June day when we had Grandma's birthday parties with the extended family. Our home set the scene for many open houses, parties and picnics.
The dog is resigned and laying at my feet. I must now be resigned that I can't stay home and play or care for my house, but traverse eastern Ohio, bringing my skills to the ill.
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