Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pick Your Birthday Cake

The other day I received homegrown strawberries from an Amish farm. They were beautiful, not too small, but not like the large red ones from California that we start getting in Feb. They reminded me of the ones from when I was kid. I cut them up like my mom did and taught me. Put them in water and cut them in 4's, then those in half. I don't think I added as much sugar as my mom would, and I mashed them just a little, as I don't possess a masher.
Since it was Friday, one of my busiest days- I traveled officially 3 hours plus my half hour to the first patient, then another half hour home from my last, I was tired.
We cheated on the cake, buying pound cake and then Reddi Whip. My mother made her shortcake from Bisquit, because it tasted as good as ones she made from scratch. The topping was either Cool Whip or Dream Whip. My mother-in-law still makes whipped cream.
I stood at the sink with those scrumptious strawberries soaking while I cut them and I thought of my mom. Her sister's birthday was June 15th, right in the heart of strawberry season. My mom and her siblings could chose their birthday cake that my grandma would then make for them. Aunt June picked strawberry shortcake.
I'm trying to remember what the other children picked or even my mother, I can't remember. This is when I wished I could just ask Mom these silly little questions. I think Uncle Eddie liked chocolate cream pie. I know for my mother's birthday party- because I have the newspaper article about the event- she had a checkered cake, probably before you could buy the special pan on TV. It had pink frosting.
Birthdays are special and we honor them because it is a gift to have the people you love in your life. The Lord wants us to enjoy life, He came to give us life and it more abundantly. So make that special cake or buy it for someone you love, even if it's not their birthday. Say Thanks and that you love them. Break out the china and party! I think I'll buy the frosted almond cake from Giant Eagle!
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