Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Word and Picture of 2016 Reveal

One step back to move forward may be a saying for my beginning of this year. I have been having a word and picture of the year since 2012, when I read Mary DeMuth’s practice on her blog. This isn't unique to her and I read several that year from other writers I followed. I adapted this and start thinking, maybe July, how my life is going and what would represent the on coming year. I click pictures throughout the year and after the first year, when I had the picture in my mind, but couldn't find it anywhere until August Farm Days at Munnell Run Farm, I use my own photos taken with my puny cell phone. All right, it still amazes me what I get from that little guy, even with the limitations.
Last year, my theme was Rest. “Come sup with Me,” Jesus invites. I gave up scheming to advance the publishing career. I had to wrestle with my faith and “Rest” of last year led to a certain peace that must grow.
As I glance over my last month of journal entries, the theme seems to be physically tired, over and over. Working at a new job, groundbreaking in all the expectations, I wasn't the only one who didn't know exactly what we were doing. We had staff quitting or others refused by the private duty. Yet, I kept reaching down to the foundation of Jesus and seeking His rest. I found out on January second, yes, last week, that I fought an infection, in a ruptured appendix. The surgeon and I believe the days before Christmas, when I said I had the stomach bug- my lower abdomen hurt all over for a few days- then felt better by Christmas Eve Day, my appendix ruptured in that period of time. Then the infection increased the pain by New Year's Day and being a good nurse, I waited another day, because I am calm and don't panic.
Emergency surgery on Saturday night, with the expected complication of ileus (the bowel stops working) Thank God, no naso-gastric tube. I only vomited a half a basin of clear bile. I lost six inches of bowel. Most days, I only wanted to sleep. And no eating, if that is what you want to call the clear liquid diet, but I couldn’t have been tempted with anything.
So I’m starting the New Year with last year’s word- “Rest.” But what popped up around every corner, especially in December, was “Hope.” I feel the door barely containing itself with the wonderfulness behind it. The picture I took in December 2014 at Hermitage Historical Society home main entrance.
My verse came when I was reading The Case for Hope, by Lee Strobel, Hebrews 6:19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Many verses on hope can be found and I had another one planned, as I was getting ready to reveal my word and picture for 2016. You can say, the whole Bible is hope. We have our blessed hope in Titus 2:13, waiting for the glorious appearing of Jesus. Yet, every day, my Lord does not despise small hope.
I’m adding a song this year, too. This hymn made famous by George Beverly Shea with Billy Graham ministry. I like the gospel spin of the version I’m sharing.
I wish a sweet Sixteen to all my readers. I know many, like I, were surprised by attacks on their health at the beginning of this year. May we all hope, not blindly, but knowing what is just beyond that door with assurance. I plan this year, as I read on Hope, to share my insights on my journey toward Hope.
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