Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Team Teddy Tuesday

Last week, Teddy would have turned seventeen. I wonder how many children do not see adulthood because their parents abused or let them be abused. The mothers trusting their boyfriends or being cowed into allowing the abuse. This abuse that killed Teddy.
Teddy lied to protect his twin brothers. He lied because that was his family, for better or worse. He lived with his mother, who betrayed him to her boyfriend. Children need to trust and love their mothers. Mothers cannot esteem lightly that trust.
If you see a woman isolating herself with a new boyfriend, watch for signals. Social isolation may be the first sign. Try as hard as you can to stay involved in her life and her children. We know from Teddy's case, this is difficult and I don't know the answer. I just know, we can't turn a blind eye, if we want to learn from Teddy's life.
My prayers still go to Teddy's dad, Shawn, who is fighting for better laws to protect abused children. He was kept from his son. The system failed this family, by not detecting the abuse going on. It was too easy to remove Teddy from two school districts and this law would help with a more stringent process. Pray for our lawmakers, especially Capri Cafaro, who is working on this legislation.
Again, if anything just doesn't sit right with you, call the: 
                                                     Child Help Hot Line 1-800-932-0313
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