Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Still haven't trekked over to Niles to Best Buy to fix the lap top. A few things came up and one didn't get up- me today. Two band concerts to support my great niece and nephew I attended the first part of the week. Today is day off and I'm sluggish as all get out. An appointment at 230PM is keeping me in the Valley right now.
All that to say, Wordless Wednesday is delayed. The day is not over yet. I also applied for a job. One that really seemed the answer to what I have been looking for in my nursing career. That was an unexpected detour while I was looking at e mail. I don't know where God is taking me. I had resigned to not changing horses mid stream because of health insurance issues, but I surrendered all those cares on Him this morning (again!)
Concentrate on writing, too, is always on my mind. Sometimes that takes so much effort, the promoting my publishing career. Worrying about getting the time off for book signings consumes energy. Can I get to one more library to donate Main Street? As the popular movie instructs us all- "Let It Go."
So great pictures are waiting. I'm afraid to use my lap top for anything that I'll lose work. But soon, I'll be confident again. I will emerge from my techno fog. I believe. Remember the green chairs and God inviting me to rest with Him.
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