Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teddy Memorial Tuesday

Two years since I heard on the radio. Two years since Teddy stole my heart. Two years of speaking up to be aware of child abuse.  I had heard other child abuse stories for years, but Teddy's story struck deep into my being. Maybe because I had been acquainted with the mother before she met Bush. We weren't friends, never even exchanged pictures of our kids. I didn't realize Teddy was her son the first time the story broke, grabbing my soul. But when I did see her picture, I knew. The realization of how close abuse can be to me wakened a roar inside me. I need to speak out. I will keep speaking out.
Please, please, please, pay attention to the children around you. Report and keep reporting, if your gut tells you something is not right. Don't let Teddy's or any child's death or abuse be in vain.
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