Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ordinary Adventure

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Weekend Blessing: May God lift your chin, awaken your heart, and open your eyes to all you possess in Him. May you refuse to let your disappointments define you. Instead, may you stand on that barren land and envision a harvest. May you experience a revival of faith in that very place! Instead of rehashing your losses, determine to rehearse His promises because they're truer than your circumstances. Today's a good day to emb
race faith, to give thanks, and to worship the One who keeps His promises. Jesus loves you and He is faithful to His Word. May His love define you and His promises hem you in and shore you up. You've got everything you need in Him. Have a blessed and restful weekend!
 And my response:

My body is telling me to concentrate on the rest. A lot of wrassaling I've been doing. I felt peaceful after being violently ill and then sleeping without thinking or dreaming. A little caffeine, then back to bed, I think. I have felt angels requested by my mother and elation in an adventure of thirty five years with my husband. I rejoice in my life that follows Jesus. That is the supreme life.

And what I write more:

I am sorry for not posting much new material lately. I looked forward to this past Thursday to gather some thoughts and write about much of the journey paths I'm traveling. I woke, though, to a violent stomach illness that at least twelve of my immediate residents endured these past two weeks. I knew the map of symptoms and my body followed it. My daughter wanted to know what she could get me. I wanted to answer, a nurse's aid, housekeeping and laundry. Instead, I only requested clear Ensure, to help with electrolytes I sensed escaping my body leaving me with cramping in my legs and racing heart.
I'm still not quite up to myself, yet. As evidenced by the half cup of coffee stagnating beside me. I warmed it up a few times, but it sits. I sipped and that with some ibuprofen relieved the back ache of two days without caffeine. Yes, I'm addicted and I know the symptoms of withdrawal. I viewed a picture of a man strolling with his dog in the winter woods with envy. I planned that, too, Thursday and Friday, as the days were in the thirties. We had such a great walk on Wednesday, but too short. The joy of watching Harrison frolic on the retractable leash spread across my face in a smile.
I watched Love Story last evening. A lot of winter scenes in that movie. I love the beauty of a city in winter as well.  I feel sad seeing the logo of the movie. It shouts seventies and I ache for my parents.
We need the seasons. I like winter in January and parts of February. I desire to see spring in March, but too often, we still have snow or the wet, gray rain. As a child, we spent a lot of those end of winter days at the mall. Once foot ball season was over.
I'm looking forward to feeling better and returning to all my plans with zest. A journey doesn't end. Changes in sensing what I believe subtly sneak up on me. They don't shout, but I feel them suddenly. I didn't see them coming or even think I may have needed them. Life is an adventure following Jesus. I see it more each day in ways we don't normally think of as adventure. Not of travel or glamor, but sticking to the every day, but differently than a neighbor, are my adventure. Open my eyes to experience Jesus more in every day life.

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