Friday, September 5, 2014

Taking Stock

September feels like New Year's to me. That harkens back to the school year starting a new chapter in lives. This year I have a transfer student away at college. Life swirls with changes and I reflect on myself.
Something came in the mail the other day that only at the beginning of the summer would have set my acerbic fingers to the keyboard. Not even a month ago, I got serious about Jesus producing a change in me that I hope others will see. With this item in the mail, I could laugh and maybe not excuse the sender like I would have a long time ago. I didn't burn with anger.
My discipline with writing is also improving. I focus. Summer, I found myself tired and unable to feel accomplished. I chuckle because we are having the hot humid weather now, but it still feels different than in July. The daylight is shorter, for one thing and the sun shines at a new angle, as the equinox fast approaches.
August thirty first imitates December thirty first. September first this year was a holiday and I didn't work. I rested to finish off this year's resolutions. I write every day. I see a harvest in September, a gathering of people to Jesus. I am energized like the New Year, only instead of bitter cold keeping me in the house and sapping my strength, I have the promise of ninety degree weather waking me early to walk before humidity overtakes the day. Waking early always jump starts ambition.
Happy New Year!

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