Friday, June 20, 2014

Road Closed

 I did the Hermitage Recreation series last year as an escape  from this sign. Pipes lining my yard, mud on the street, ten foot trenches prowling up my street returned again this year. Then there is the noise, the quiet of the morning quickly gobbled up by back hoes and trucks.
I received the notice my water will be off for the day. Last year, I dashed to a friend's for a shower before work. A headache drones for a better life.

So life puts up Road Closed signs all the time. I walked around them sometimes, maybe a block or two in my neighborhood. Or I escape my street to another destination, like Rails to Trails or Whispering Pines. Or I wait till the men go home for the night. I can't seem to wake early enough before the workers arrive in the morning.
My writing life path also became littered with Road Closed signs. This week, though, the End Road Work notice appeared, at least temporarily. Leana and Vince at Leana's Books and More changed their policy to sell books on commission, instead of buying them outright. Summer Triangle is on their shelf. A posting of two pictures garnered more likes than all my other posts it seems, yesterday.
My schedule for work came out and I'm off next Saturday. Work often puts up large Road Closed signs for me. This is a Road Opened for me to try my first display at Celebrate Poland, in my favorite town in Ohio at our favorite library. The best part of it all is the space is free. I can dip my toes into this arena with little cost up front.
Entrance to Poland Public Library
Summer stretches out as a time for detours. Detours lead to new places and pleasure. Storms pass and grass glistens with refreshing. I have had a strong feeling that July this year is my month. Viva, Summer. I love it all.

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