Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hermitage Recreation Part 4

Techno, the little demon that tries to steal my joy in creating this post, showed up last night. I wasn't even trying to say anything about God per say, except for my readers to get out into His beautiful creation, and Techno frustrated my efforts. Katie also built our first fire last evening and of course, I wanted to post quickly to be outside. I took the lap top outside, Techno came with me. I slapped the laptop closed and gave up for the evening. When we came in, our internet wasn't working. By then, I was so tired, I called it a day.
My next chapter on Hermitage Recreation is Linden Pointe. I don't walk here often. In a way, why should I? I have to get in the car to drive across town. I have wonderful Buhl Farm Park I race to with Harrison.
Linden Pointe offers flat ground, as it had at one time been an airport on a hill in Hermitage. It sits between Christy Road and State Route 18. Christy Road at one time was a quiet country road, but with housing developments cropping up like flowers in spring, the traffic increased since Linden Pointe had even been conceived. We are a bedroom community for Pittsburgh and why not? It is lovely here.
I chose a cool day, but sunny. Even with the seventy degree temps, the sun beat hot on Harrison's black coat. We went around five, as I had to pick Katie up later and we were doing the fire event. I wanted to post about Hermitage Recreation yesterday. The trees are scrubby yet. But a part of the trail I had not discovered before is the "Enchanted Forrest." At least, that is what my old West Middlesex neighbors, whom I ran into, dubbed it. As the trees buffered the traffic sound, I had to really think, I'm not far from 18.
A few years ago, when Harrison and I tried this trail before at the end of a hot summer's day, a pond hosted many red-wing black birds. I thought of the book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, even though at that time I had not read it. My girls liked it a lot, a middle school favorite. The pond also put to mind the end of Romain Road outside of West Middlesex in Shenango Township, where I first learned to ride a horse. A solitary pond there in a field sparked my imagination, then.
I am posting some pictures, which last night I tried to incorporate into the paragraphs. Techno played his mischief then and wouldn't stop. So, my original plan thwarted, but I hope you enjoy the beauty of the evening.
Old runway
Looking down hill to 18 to the Farrell Hospital
Inside the Enchanted Forrest
A.K.A The Enchanted Forrest
Blackbird Pond
A place to sit

Christy Road entrance 

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