Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Recreation

This is a live post, not from last year. Not everyone wants to walk all the time. I know I don't run. Still we need to get out and enjoy the wonderful area we live in. Wednesdays are free concerts at noontime in the old Columbia Theater park right on West State Street, Sharon.
Yesterday, I traveled downtown. The girls have learned when I say "Downtown," I mean Sharon. Sometimes, my dad did refer to it as uptown, but we lived south in West Middlesex.
The day overcast, but summer feel, provided a lighthearted mood.  One small table, the only seating available, gets gobbled up, so bring a lawn chair. The Westminster Faculty Jazz Band with special guest, Dan Heasely, on saxophone, played music I swayed to, until one of the town people offered me a metal folding chair.
Outdoor music fills me with joy. I watched the traffic, car and people. A couple strolling with their baby. A vacation atmosphere at noonday emoting jazzy and free with a gentle breeze.
I plan to be here often, since I will miss the evening ones at Buhl Park mostly. Food is encouraged with the local restaurants offering brown bag lunches for five dollars. I will check those out the next ventures to an hour of whimsey. Join me for an hour get away in Beautiful Downtown Sharon. Wednesdays, noon to one. Come on and have some fun.

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