Monday, June 23, 2014

Enchanted Jewel

Since I will be having my first official book signing in Poland, Ohio this Saturday, June 28,
I decided to post from my old posts. This one is from 2012.

I had driven around the Forest. I observed the parking lots and even sat in one to chart. I read about it in the Vindicator. I longed to explore the paths as I gazed at the map at the entrance. I hoped to go in the fall with my dog, but could never excuse the time away from the family or chores at home on a day off.
Last Saturday, I decided we needed to do this and I bribed Katie and David with Chik-Fil-A, which isn't far from Poland Village. That name, alone, sounds mystical. The houses are old, many exhibiting Scotch half windows. (Half windows to avoid paying full tax on the glass- can't find it on Wikepedia, so must not be as common a name as I thought.) We drive past the seminary, where President McKinley studied. Modern houses have been built on this lane as well. Poland seeps small town yesterday.
We ate in the van, not knowing picnic tables were not far from this entrance. We wandered on the trails, then looked at the map, as I did want to witness the bluebell meadow. As I mentioned yesterday, the violets were magnificent. The Forest with wild trees, undergrowth and muddy paths impressed primitiveness.

Hollow Tree
We wind our way to the bluebell meadow. The river has eaten into the banks exposing cliffs of red brown dirt. A hollowed tree seemed out of a story book.
The dog kept in step with Katie, ecstatic to be with his family in all this outdoors. He loved the smells. I thought maybe he could be off leash, but he is a hound. Dogs are allowed off leash if they are well behaved. I did see some well behaved dogs.
Not too far from the Forest is a four lane highway with cars rushing. But we don't hear any outside sounds. Stepping back in time is how it feels.
It did remind me of England. Our second stop on our tour twenty six years ago, we stayed with a former exchange student from twenty years earlier. I had not seen Denise in those years, although she kept in touch with the family, addressing the letters to Father and Mother Lewis. Her home sat on acres of woods. Her husband showed David and I around the land. We saw bluebells then, as well as stood on a thousand year old earthen dam. Yes, built in 900.
The river

Wild flowers
The enchanted aura of the Poland Forest entices me to return. I want to go every day. I want my younger daughter to step into this magical place, too. For sharing is the only way to appreciate a memory.
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