Friday, February 5, 2016

Honoring Teddy on Friday of writing about Teddy is to inform parents of ways to protect their children, as well as children at large. I had talked before of a very young girl messaging a 'fourteen year old' from Texas, when her diligent parents found the messages on her phone. This is just another source of the way perverts find our children. Remind your children, you own the phone. I saw a man instruct that he just picks up his son's phone, says, "I don't have my phone on me" or "My phone is charging, I have to check messages." It is his gentle way of reminding them the phone is not the kid's property.
I didn't write on Tuesday. I wanted to address a different topic, but it bothered me and my inner umph didn't rise to the occasion. A week ago this evening, a local woman was shot to death by her husband. Their children weren't at home. The victim's sister on a newscast stated, the woman had a plan to leave on Monday. She had been putting up with domestic violence for a long time.
In one day, these young girls lost their mother tragically and their father. The family dog was lost. God in His mercy, allowed the dog to be found. Again, I don't know why these horrid actions happen. Our fallen world and sin are the theological answers. But sometimes that gives little comfort. We have all been addressing what lies in a person's heart to allow them to harm a fellow human being. I touch on this in my novels.
Awareness and prayerfulness. Keep a close eye on your children. If you know someone is an abusive relationship, encourage in any way you can for them to get out of the house. We need to keep our eyes opened.
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