Friday, December 23, 2016

A Christmas Scene with the Wilson's

From the Outside of Time:

Christmas was approaching. Barry grew restless. He decorated their home. Amy shrugged, “It’s pretty. Kind of a waste of money and time, but I guess we have to do it for Allen.” 

“Oh, Amy, come on.” 

“Well, it is a lot of work. Christmas is just commercialism for the capitalists, as much as you try to say it is religious or how do you say it? ‘The birth of your God.’ What do pine trees, snow and bells have to do with it? And Santa Claus, whoa, there is confusion.” 
“Allen will know the meaning of Christmas. See, I have this Advent calendar with Bible verses my mom sent us.” 

“Yeah and chocolate. Hmm, sweeten the deal, huh?” 

Barry waved his hand, “Speaking of Mom. She wants us to come for Christmas Eve. She thought since you probably didn’t have any traditions.” 

“You mean religious traditions. My family celebrates. They would love to see Allen, too.” 

“Well, we kind of did your family thing last year and it would be boring for Allen.” 

“I can see right through you, Barry Wilson,” Amy stomped her foot. 

“Getting drunk and champagne breakfast is hardly any way to celebrate a child’s holiday.” 

“I suppose. Still, stuffing their heads with baby stories and a fat guy in a red suit is kind of cross purposing, isn’t it?” 

“Amy, please, this year, can we please go to my parents’? Next year, we can go after Christmas. We will have to start making our own traditions. You know if I keep taking Allen to Sunday school, he’ll be involved in Christmas programs.” 

Amy sighed, “Ugh, I can’t wait ‘til January second. Ruin a good break from school. You know how much writing I can do on break?” 
“It’s a two-hour drive. We’ll spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Mom and Dad. Allison comes home. Amber will be there.” 

Allen woke from his nap, toddling into the study, rubbing his eyes. His curls bounced, “Aunt Amber? See Aunt Amber?” 

Amy’s heart melted. Amber did delight her son and that delighted her. Amber’s joy shown through and she had no judgment of Amy. She was modern enough to think nothing of Barry shouldering most of the child care and household chores. She hadn’t channeled into role expectations. 

“Yes, we’ll see Aunt Amber on Christmas Eve and Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house,” Amy hugged her boy, as she smiled at Barry. 

Barry beamed back, “Just this year. I promise. We’ll make our traditions.” 
Amy nodded. 

They both got out of school on December twenty third. Last minute shopping, they divided. Barry didn’t cook that night, as they ate at a favorite restaurant. December twenty fourth, they managed to sleep in. Allen seemed to be just as exhausted as they were with the end of year running and Christmas excitement. 

“Mom would like us there for supper before the church service. I thought we’d leave around two.” 

“I guess. Allen should sleep in the car for the two-hour ride. Hope that snow holds off.” 

“It will. Mom tapped into that higher source. She always does for the holidays. Allison got in yesterday. She drove straight from work again. I do worry about her five-hour drive from Ocean City, through those mountains.” 
“Yeah, we just have flat roads.” 
“Good thing about Ohio, huh?” 
“Unless, you’re from the south near West Virginia.” 

“Kind of glad we’re not going there. Hope the weather holds out ‘til next week when we visit your folks down there.” 

“Well, don’t worry. They’ll be fine. They will understand if we have to cancel,” the unspoken words, ‘not like your mother,’ hung in the air between them. 

Barry jumped up and rinsed their breakfast dishes and coffee mugs. He plugged them into the dishwasher and set it on light load, so it would run before they left. 

Amy hugged Allen out of his high chair, “I’ll take my shower first, okay?” 

“Ah, yeah, sure,” Barry didn’t look from the sink, as he wiped it down. 

“Hey, I’ll be good, I promise, Santa,” Amy had let Allen run into his bedroom and now, hugged Barry from behind. Barry turned around with a grin on his face and kissed her. 

“Unless, you want me to be naughty, Santa Baby,” Amy coyly asked as she returned the kiss. 
“Mm, we’ll see how Allen sleeps.” 
“He’s playing now, want to try a few things before the trip?” 

Barry raised one side of his face in a conspiratorial grin, “Maybe a few.” 

“What toys you got in your bag, Santa?”  Amy snaked up to Barry and felt in his pajama bottoms. 

“Don’t you want to know?” Barry grinned, and bent his back toward the sink. Amy kissed his neck, chest, and continued. 

“Mm,” Barry moaned, “preview, Amy, just a preview. Allen can walk in any second.” 

Amy threw her head up wickedly, “Yes, let’s do this at your mother’s.” 

“Um, Mom and Dad are not prudes. They are still very much in love.” 

“Yeah, I know,” Amy put on a pouty voice, “but I still want to do the ‘nasty’ under the tree.” 
“In my bedroom. We’ll pay Amber to play with Allen tomorrow afternoon.” 
“Oh, Amber won’t take any money,” Amy flirted away. 
“Okay, we’ll take her to a movie,” Barry shouted after her. 
“I’m not a cheap date.” 

Barry ran after her and tackled her around her waist, “No, you cost me dearly,” he growled as he tried to give her a hickey on her neck. 
Allen trotted down the hall, “Mommy and Daddy playing?” 
Amy laughed as she grabbed her robe around her tighter, “Yeah, Allen, we’re playing. We’re excited about going to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, aren’t you?” 

“Oh, yeah, Amy, get him antsy, well you take your shower. I have to pack the car yet.” 

“I think both my boys are a little excited,” Amy smirked, “I’ll be quick, then I’ll read a story to Allen while you pack the car and get ready. How much packing do you have to do? Seems you have been packing all week.” 

“Just hiding some things,” Barry raised his left eyebrow. 

“Hide and seek” Allen jumped up and down. 

“I like that game,” Amy mocked in a Mae West voice. 

“Like that game,” Allen nodded enthusiastically. 

“Get in the shower, woman,” Barry faked exasperation. He loved when Amy played. She usually put herself under such pressure with working and writing. Her neck would be so tense in the evening, as she tried to relax, with too much wine, he thought, as soon as she quit breastfeeding, but he never said anything. He only tried to make her life easier. She had agreed to taking the two days off from writing. Yes, she deserved the holiday, she agreed. 

Happy and safe traveling to those who are. Have grace in your preparations for the holiday.

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