Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Published by Mollie Lyon · 23 mins ·
Tuesdays have been busy for me, lately. I need to revamp how I do Team Teddy Tuesdays. Like write before Tuesday and push publish on Tuesday. wink emoticon I'm also in transition between jobs. This process drains me more emotionally than I anticipated. I start the new job next Tuesday, so I will work on a post  before Tuesday and push publish next Tuesday. In the mean time, I again remind you to watch the children. Watch our words. And look for clues as a new school year begins for signs of abuse, physical, emotional or mental. New teachers, new caregivers, new kids on the bus can all be sources of turmoil for our children. Pray and watch.
And on a personal note for me as an author, a poem I wrote will be published in The Way It Was coming out this evening and always the first Wednesday of the month at over eighty local businesses in the Shenango Valley.
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