Monday, April 6, 2015

Some Easter Images- Happy Easter Monday

 Kraynak stop Tuesday before Easter this year, by myself.

Our Easter Sunrise over Mahaney Boat launch, near Sharpsville, PA
Easter Monday pops up on the calender. When we didn't have many snow days to make up, we had the day off school. A day to unwind from the candy and hubbub of the day before. A few memories from those early years fly to my mind today. One of playing in the field behind the church and walking through the woods on a cloudy day, still needing to wear a jacket, but not a winter jacket. I think I was in first grade and very thankful to not be in school that day.
The next year, our wonderful Dachshund, Nicky, excited to chase a rabbit, egged on by the hunter, Dan, raced onto Main Street. He survived the collision with the car with a broken hip. The vet place a cast on him after pinning the curved bones.
My mom carried Nicky outside to urinate. Easter Monday, the sun shined brighter this year, the weather warmer, Mom looked down to blood trickling on her house dress. The pins busted loose. My folks thought it best to put Nicky out of his misery and he slept away to Heaven that Monday.
I cried myself to sleep. My dream that night revealed Nicky on a white dais floating in a space, like Heaven. A young child assured good dogs go to Heaven.
That has been affirmed to me through Bible reading and different men of the cloth. Some would disagree. But Heaven is full of joy and what more joy, unconditional love and adoration than a dog's love for his family?
How my sister saw Nicky

But he was a good boy
So on this Easter Monday, rejoice in the cross, redemption offered to you, not only in this life, but after death steals your breath, because of Jesus rising on Easter Sunday. All you have to do is accept His unconditional love and sin no more.
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